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About Us

Sports Flooring Specialist is someone who is able to advise you on what type of suitable flooring material to be used for different type of sports and function. It goes more than just advisory. A specialist should also be able to help design and build your sports flooring to the required sports expertise. An improper sports flooring may lead to long term sports injury. Last but not least, a sports flooring specialist should also be able to help advise on maintenance and refurbishment of your existing sports floor.

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Synthetic Floor2

Synthetic Floor

Synthetic floor is made up of a combination of man-made and natural substances for a variety of floor covering options. 


Badminton Court

As we all know, badminton is one of the most popular sports in Malaysia, thanks to our respectable Datuk Lee Chong Wei who had represented 

Playground 2


A playground is a place where most of the children enjoy to spend their time with. Commonly, a playground is facilitated with 

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